TORR Classic with padfolio

What do you get the guy who has everything? Or, more simply, what is a good gift for a guy? Ties, wallets and sweaters come to mind for most people struggling to think of a good guy gift. We at TORR think guys deserve more.

Traditionally, coveted men’s gifts have taken many forms, from pens to coffee mugs to cufflinks to bowling balls. TORR is committed to breathing new life into these classic gifts, to transform them into sophisticated, well-built gifts that the modern man wants.

The name TORR

We chose the name TORR as a nod to Evangelista Torricelli, the Italian physicist who invented the barometer. The barometer measures pressure. Pressure is key to how our first products, TORR Classic and TORR Clean, work. Each TORR Classic and TORR Clean pen floats into its jacket on a bed of air, and pops when pulled quickly from its jacket as the vacuum seal that is created breaks rapidly.

Torricelli was a designer, inventor, and dreamer. Also named after Torricelli, the Torr is a unit of pressure that is equal to 1 mm of mercury, or 1.0 mmHg. (1 atmosphere = 760 mmHg)