Our Founders

Allen Arseneau

Allen Arseneau Torr FounderAs a father, Allen experiences great joy in receiving gifts from his young daughter, whether a hand-drawn card, a green polo shirt, or a melted Hershey kiss left on his pillow. He believes the greater joy, however, lies with his daughter in giving him the gift. With this understanding of the power of gift giving, and with a love of all things entrepreneurial, Allen co-founded TORR to provide exciting gift options for men.

Allen has spent over 8 years working within the manufacturing and design industry, in both engineering and management roles. In addition, Allen spent 2 years working with professional athletes to expand their businesses as a financial and business development professional.

Allen holds a BS in chemical engineering from Northeastern University, and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Diana Hudak

Diana Hudak Torr FounderWhen Diana is stuck for a great men’s gift, she usually ends up just giving a batch of homemade cookies (the delicious kind), which inevitably leads to either the “please don’t make me eat cookies” argument against them, or to a plateful of crumbs. But she can only give so many cookies, and being a gift-giving person herself, Diana can relate to the difficulty in finding the right gift for that special guy. So it was a natural fit that Diana would co-found TORR to create the type gifts that she would like to give.

Before deciding to stretch her entrepreneurial wings and follow her creative passions, Diana spent several years working as a business development professional for both a Fortune 50 company and for a small oncology-focused biotech start-up.

Diana holds a BS in chemistry from Harvard College.