Why a James Bond parody video?


Oct 23, 2012 Blog 0 1174 Views

We really like the idea of inspiring men to tap into their inner boys, and have some fun, so we decided to start making fun videos that speak to those inner boys inside each of us.  And why James Bond?…..Because if James Bond were going to buy a pen, he would probably purchase a TORR Classic or TORR Clean because these pens are cool. 

Our pens have a unique feature that transforms the pens into time capsules and fun toys.  The spacer capsule is a hollowed out piece of metal in which little messages can be stored – either top secret codes or “I love you”s.  It was only natural that we play upon the secret agent like qualities of the pen and have fun with it – by creating a James Bond parody video.  We let our imaginations go, and hope it inspires you to do the same – to release the inner boy inside each of us.  And who, at some point in their life, does not want to be a bad-ass secret agent?

We hope all of our fun videos will inspire you to let your guard down sometimes, and just have some fun – whether playing with your kids, hanging out with your buddies, or just day-dreaming about winning the Boston Marathon.



A fun fact: A last minute switch meant I had to step in as James Bond.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a blast – even if I ended up with bloody knuckles after the first half hour (watch out for samurai swords!).  Special thanks to Paul Speziale and his crew.  Check out our James Bond teaser.



Allen Arseneau

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