The magic of the unexpected gift


Dec 15, 2012 Blog 3 3468 Views

With Christmas only 10 days away, I’d like to comment on the magic of giving the unexpected gift, that is a gift that is given on just a random day with no warning.  This often small and inexpensive gesture can be more powerful to the receiver than those given on birthdays or holidays, even if these gifts are far more expensive than the unexpected gift.  We highly recommend you, our reader, try this out.  What makes this so easy to try is that you do not need any reason to give the gift, and the gift can be a card, a poem, a bar of chocolate, a can of soup, a ring, or a stuffed toy.  It does not have to be wrapped, and does not need a card or an explanation to accompany it.  Just a friendly smile from you.  You might be surprised by the results.

As an example, a dear friend of ours was about to have a baby.  She is 39 years old, has a very difficult job (trust me, her job is difficult!), and has a 5 year old little girl at home.  We randomly dropped off a bar of chocolate (our favorite: CHOCO-LOVE sea salt and almonds) a few days before she had baby #2.  We caught up with her 3 weeks later, and she told us how much she had enjoyed that bar of chocolate.  In fact, we were taken aback by how appreciative she seemed – despite sleeping no more than 2 hours at a time for the last 3 weeks – for that cheap, simple bar of chocolate.  It was a very small cost to us, but being unexpected, it was so valuable to our friend.

Giving something small when nothing is expected is far more powerful that many people think.  I guess that goes to the old adage “setting expectations”.  If the receiver expects nothing, but then gets a little gift – the gesture can have a surprisingly large impact on the receiver.  Try it, and let us know what you find.

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3 Comments for "The magic of the unexpected gift"

Thanh Nguyen

Posted on Sunday 16th December, 2012, 8:55am


Thanks for the great post! “Giving something small when nothing is expected is far more powerful than many people think.” – definitely wise words


Posted on Tuesday 12th March, 2013, 5:17pm


Well, i gave a gift to a classmate, nothing much, just a photoshoped photo of her, we’re not friends or anything, just classmates. Anyway, she was very surprised,happy and wondering why.


    Posted on Tuesday 12th March, 2013, 10:10pm


    Mihail – that is a nice story. Are you guys friends now? That was a very powerful gesture that you did.

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