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TORR Founder in sitting in the snow with his daughter in a snow fort

Feb 28, 2013 Blog 0 1773 Views

It’s funny how “traditions” change over time.  There is an ancient tradition of a day of rest.  Compare that to the modern tradition of being “plugged in” 24/7/365.  Does any of this sound familiar:

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  • Using an iPhone during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, regardless of whether you are eating alone or with other people (watch kids do this the next time you are eating out)
  • Sleeping with a smartphone next to your pillow
  • After a grueling day of computer work, you unwind and relax by by going home to stare at a TV screen, computer screen, or tablet screen

Enough is enough, people!  Time to unplug…even just for 24 hours.

The National Day of Unplugging, which begins at sundown tomorrow, March 1, and ends at sundown on Sat March 2, encourages others to take a pledge to unplug from technology regularly.  It was developed in the same spirit as the “Slow Movement” – the idea of taking time off.

Although it is almost impossible to really “unplug” for a day, we can at least use part of that day connecting with people around us. has pictures of pledgers (you can find a picture of me there) explaining why they unplug, and there’s a place for you to upload your photo as well.  Unplugging doesn’t mean abandoning technology.  It means taking time to rest, which us humans have to do. Afterall, we would not last very long if we did not get at least some sleep every night.  And who doesn’t feel better after getting outside and playing, or just spending good old fashioned quality time with your family or friends?!

If you are in the CA area, there are a couple of sponsored events you might like to participate in.  You can also read some suggestions through the Huffington Post.  Why not try taking a walk, baking cookies, visiting the library, or writing a poem?  Or the next time 2-3 feet of snow falls, go outside and build a fort with your daughter or son.Torr Founder in sitting in the snow with his daughter in a snow fort

Heck, try committing to something unplugged every week – even if it is just for a few hours.  Just try it.  You’ll like it.  We are people, not pixels.

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