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Feb 27, 2013 Blog 0 1786 Views

TORR aims to re-invigorate the gift experience for men.  After all, a guy can only receive so many wallets, ties, or sweaters.  We design gifts that are sophisticated and fun, that we hope will get men off of their phones, laptops, or tablets, and get them re-connected to their real lives.  To us, this means talking not typing, and it means playing not watching.
Occasionally, we get asked why we don’t make women’s gifts.  As Diana put it once, gift options abound for women – and if all else fails, we can opt for something sparkly, shiny, or colorful, and we will have probably done ok.  Of course it can be more complicated than this, but the point is, there are a lot of gift options for women already.

For our first products, we have breathed life into a quintessential and traditional gift – the pen.  For a fun and sophisticated gift option, we based our design from a 30+ year old surgical tool, and incorporated some cool James Bond-esq features, such as a secret compartment, into our pens, X-GEN pen and X-GEN Clean.  We even include small pieces of acid free parchment paper to write secret notes which can be stored inside the pen for days or decades.  If the parchment scroll ever expands, don’t fret – just grab a pair of tweezers to pull it out.

Another fun feature is the celebratory pop from pulling an X-GEN from its jacket.  The harder you pull, the louder the pop.  That means you can be sophisticated with a slow pull and silent pop, or be more festive with a man’s pull and champagne pop.  If you want to be “fun” you can have a pulling contest to see who can make the loudest sound.

Finally, nothing beats carving your name into something you own.  Both X-GEN and X-GEN Clean can be personalized with laser engraving.  And for the most sophisticated of men, we can even engrave your signature.

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