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Blok pen was inspired by a 33 year old design of a surgical ruler and pen.  This original design was literally created so that a surgeon, in a surgical setting, could measure a line (sterile ruler) on a person, draw that line (sterile pen), and then perform the surgery, presumably with a scalpel.  We took a niche tool and transformed it into a gift for the everyday man – and so the Blok pen was born. 

Having healthcare backgrounds ourselves, Diana and I loved the idea of transforming this original design for the niche group of surgeons into a very special gift for the everyday man.

Right after college, I got to spend a summer working in an operating room setting, so know first-hand how delicate and intense a surgical setting, and the tools of the trade, can be.  So converting one such tool into as Blok pen has been an exciting experience.

To pay tribute to the original design, we used stainless steel (as surgical steel would likely be used in a surgical setting for sterility), and we decided to keep the standard  ruler (market research demanded that the ruler stay).  However, we did create one version of our pen, Blok Clean, with no engraved ruler, for those who like a cleaner look.

All of the other attributes of the pen, including the click & lock feature and the spacer capsule were created for their functionality and for their coolness.

The result – a very unique pen that pays tribute to a tool of long ago and the creation of a gift designed to be comfortable, musical, indestructible, generational, fun and sophisticated.  In other words, these pens are gifts for the everyday man.

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