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X-GEN by TORR with standard packaging

Oct 21, 2012 Blog 0 1341 Views

We want to introduce you to our new company – TORR.  TORR is a men’s gift company that is focused on creating fun and sophisticated gifts for men.

We are drawing a line in the sand and focusing on men, so women, please don’t take offense!  It’s just that women already have so many great gifts options out there, and men don’t.  Our intention is to even out the playing field, even just a tiny bit.

Our first products are the Blok Pens, originally called TORR Classic and TORR Clean, and we are planning on launching a few new products over the coming months.  TORR pens took their inspiration from a surgical ruler and pen that was designed back in the 70’s.  The result – the transformation of a surgeon’s tool (that would literally be used in a surgical setting) into a pen for the everyday man, and the launch of a company dedicated to creating great gifts for men.  Socially, we are committed to helping children who are  in need of cheering up, and US veterans

We look forward to sharing our journey with you, through our products, our fun videos, and this blog.

Thank you for reading,


Allen & Diana


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