Happy Veterans Day


Nov 12, 2012 Blog 0 1629 Views

Diana and I would like to thank all of our US veterans for their service.

We both have family and friends that have served, or are currently serving, in the military, and it is important to us to honor those who sacrifice for our freedoms.

Veterans Day is a day to celebrate all men and women who serve, or have served, in the military.  It is a day to say “Thank you for serving” to the the elderly man wearing a “WWII” or “KOREA” cap, or the 25 year-old with a USMC tattoo.

What does it mean “to serve”?  To me, “serving” means putting the country’s safety and well-being before you own.  It means adopting a greater sense of purpose, and living that purpose every day.  It means living by a code of honor and integrity and service.

TORR proudly supports the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Memorial Fund (http://www.massfallenheroes.org), an organization committed to raising funds to build a memorial for the men and women who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and gave their lives for our nation.

Cake to simultaneously celebrate the 2nd birthday of my daughter, and a going-away party for my younger brother who was leaving for basic training.

Happy Veterans Day.  Thank you to our veterans for your service.



Allen & Diana

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