TORR presents last-minute gift solutions for Father’s Day and graduates

X-GEN gift set 270x210

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Are you in a pinch looking for a gift for Father’s Day or your new graduate?  TORR, a Boston-based men’s gift company, has yet again proven that they are able to create gifts that guys love, with the release of the newest generation of stainless steel pen, the X-GEN pen.

X-GEN pen by TORR
TORR’s lines of beautifully crafted stainless steel pens, including the Blok pens and the X-GEN pens, take their roots

from a surgical tool from the 1980’s.  These pens, sometimes referred to as the “James Bond” pens, are known for being weighted to create momentum when writing across the page, and for sporting a secret compartment that makes this gift both a time capsule and a fun toy.

The first generation Blok pen uncaps with a celebratory “POP!” like a bottle of champagne and the metal-on-metal design creates a subtle symphony of intricate, delicate sounds.  Blok pens fit into their own stainless steel jackets so precisely that the pen “floats” effortlessly on a bed of air back into place.   The jackets of the Blok pen are offered in both Classic (with a ruler laser engraved)  or Clean (no markings) and are also offered as a gift set version which includes personalized laser engraving of a name, date, or phrase, and a handsome bamboo display and a carry case.

Clean gift set 700 x 700

The X-GEN pen is the next generation pen, infusing a new level of sophistication and utility into the already exceptional writing system known and loved in the Blok pen.  The X-GEN pen’s metal jacket is modeled after a “steel diamond”, providing exceptional strength and durability, while allowing the entire writing system to be more light weight and portable.  The X-GEN pen is available with or without an ultra-sophisticated ruler that was upgraded in this model, can be personalized with laser engraving, and is housed in a handsome bamboo carry and display case.  X-GEN is a pen that every father, graduate, and budding professional will love.

The first generation Blok pen cost only $50, or $75 for the Blok pen gift set, which includes the pen with personalized laser engraving and bamboo carrying case.  The sophisticated X-GEN pen costs $150. The pens can be purchased at select retailers, or online at

TORR will be releasing their next product line soon – a specially designed line of ergonomic coffee mugs for men.

TORR.  The Father’s Day and graduation season solution.


About TORR
TORR is a men’s gift company based out of Boston, founded by Allen Arseneau and Diana Hudak.

TORR is committed to reinventing traditional gifts for men, with the goal of helping men establish and grow deeper relationships with the world around them.  Socially, TORR is focused on helping children in need and US Veterans.

Allen Arseneau

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