TORR presents last-minute gift solutions for Father’s Day and graduates

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun. 13, 2013 – BOSTON —

Are you in a pinch looking for a gift for Father’s Day or your new graduate?  TORR, a Boston-based men’s...

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A Bostonian’s Top 10 List – why I love Boston

Yesterday was tax-day, Patriot’s Day, the Boston Marathon, and the day that Boston got attacked.

To quote President Obama, “Boston is a tough and resilient town”.  We are a tough bunch,...

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Steven Tyler, Joe Perry get double-whammied!

These two dudes are not only wonderfully philanthropic, have killer hair, and have incredible voice-boxes (even at the AARP age of 65), but they are now being awarded for their...

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Spring is Here!

Today, March 20th is the vernal (spring) equinox .  This means that there are about 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night.  Living in Boston, we are BIG...

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National Day of Unplugging – We are people, not pixels

It’s funny how “traditions” change over time.  There is an ancient tradition of a day of rest.  Compare that to the modern tradition of being “plugged in” 24/7/365.  Does any...

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This one’s for the boys

TORR aims to re-invigorate the gift experience for men.  After all, a guy can only receive so many wallets, ties, or sweaters.  We design gifts that are sophisticated and fun,...

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Response to cyber-slander and overhyped Kickstarter uproar


False accusations regarding TORR and co-founder Allen Arseneau have circulated online since August 2012, claiming that TORR “stole” the TORR pen design from CW&T’s Pen Type A. We are grateful...

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How do you display achievements and awards without coming across as tacky or narcissistic?

Earning accolades like Harvard PhD’s or an Oscar (yes, we have Oscars on the brain today!) surely makes your mother proud.  But, sometimes, believe it or not, displaying these achievements...

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I Heart Random Acts of Kindness

What a surprise to go to the grocery store on a rainy Saturday night and have the teller ask me, “Do you like chocolates?”

“Well, yes,” I replied.  Then she handed...

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When your name can be a treasure for someone else

Sometimes adding personalization is meaningful, even for someone else.  Recently, we had a customer debate if she should engrave her name on her Torr pen, commenting that she might want...

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