When your name can be a treasure for someone else

X-GEN pen in action

Jan 23, 2013 Blog 0 1568 Views

Sometimes adding personalization is meaningful, even for someone else.  Recently, we had a customer debate if she should engrave her name on her Torr pen, commenting that she might want to give it to someone else.  I, and another customer beside her, encouraged her to have her name engraved, with the consideration that even if she were to give her pen away, it would be even more special as a gift, particularly to a family member or close friend, if it bore her name.

Years ago, I received an ID bracelet with my great-grandmother’s name engraved on it.Torr Pens Personalized engraving   I don’t normally wear bracelets, but this one was special because it bore her name, and made me feel connected to her.  At times, it is the personal possessions that make the greatest gifts to future generations.

Torr pens are meant to last, and perhaps that customer will one day bestow her Torr pen to her great-granddaughter, with her name engraved, and a secret note inside.

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