A Bostonian’s Top 10 List – why I love Boston

Boston Marathon Medal 2013

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Yesterday was tax-day, Patriot’s Day, the Boston Marathon, and the day that Boston got attacked.

To quote President Obama, “Boston is a tough and resilient town”.  We are a tough bunch, and Boston is a great city, full of great people.  While we are all grieving, I hope to break from our sorrow, and commemorate Boston by listing out why I love this great city.

Boston is my home.  I’ve spent most of my life here, and know first-hand the fun and quirkiness of Beantown.


Top 10 reasons that make Boston strong, historic, and fun:

10. Our affinity (from a very young age) to use our middle finger as the universal sign for “jerk”, “hello”, “good bye”, “yes, you can cut in front of me”, “thank you”, and occasionally “I love you”.

middle finger - red sox

9. The Boston accent: Skip the old “park the car” phrase; instead ask a local to say this phrase for a good laugh: “our RA”

8. MBTA.  We have the oldest (and ricketiest) transit system in the US

7. Boston drivers are so well liked that we command our own swear-word: “Mass-hole!” (see #1)


6. Curses don’t get us down: The Bambino curse plagued the Red Sox for 86 years, preventing them from winning a World Series, until 2004 when our lucky underwear, bloody socks, and Guiness-soaked rabbits feet finally did the trick!

What curse

5. Beer.  We’re not Germany, but the original Boston Lager breweries have won every award under the sun.  The Sam Adams brewery tour is a historical lesson with a treat for all you of-age adults – sampling!


4. Chocolate.  I owe my mother’s famous Toll House chocolate chip cookies to Ruth Wakefield, who invented this wonderful creation near Boston.  I owe my love of hot chocolate to my all-time favorite chocolate in the world…Burdicks Chocolate

Tollhouse Cookie

3. Mumbles Menino (hear Mumbles Menino mumble), Boston’s Mayor Thomas Menino, is the longest standing mayor ever, now in his 20th and final year, and provides the city with a bit of … character.

2. Fenway Park Fenway is the nation’s oldest baseball stadium currently in use.  Fenway prides itself on giving patrons an “authentic” experience, so has basically left the men’s urinals untouched for what feels like 100 years.  These enormous communal troughs are akin to peeing into a giant bathtub with a dozen other guys watching you.  Welcome to Boston!

Fenway urinal

1. The Boston Marathon Possibly the most challenging marathon in the world.  Attracts the world’s greatest runners.  Attracts the world’s greatest fans, who are known to give free kisses, hugs, and plenty of cheering.  And now we know that they also jump into action and save lives.


Boston Marathon Medal 2013

Boston is a great city.  We are united, and will rise above the senseless acts of terror, and continue to thrive.

My heart and prayers go out to all of the victims of this senseless tragedy.  And thanks to all of the heroes – civilians and first responders – who jumped into action to save lives.


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