Traditional Men’s Gifts, Reinvented

A new spin on great gifts – designed exclusively for men

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Stainless steel pens, designed for James Bond

Who said giving a pen is boring?

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personalized laser engraving

smooth ink, writes upside down and underwater

secret compartment –
parchment scrolls included!

celebratory POP

perfectly balanced

A new life for men’s gifts

Classic and sophisticated

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Featured Products

X-GEN Pen Gift Set Details with bamboo box and laser engraving

X-GEN Pen Gift Set

The modern gift for the modern man – now modeled after a steel diamond.

Bamboo-boxed and laser-engraved.


X-GEN Pen comes without ruler laser engraved

X-GEN Clean Gift Set

The modern gift for the modern man – clean on all four sides.

Bamboo-boxed and laser-engraved.


What People Are Saying

I love the weight of it

– Chad, lawyer

It makes my writing more deliberate

– Paul, engineer

She bap a doo bap… bam

– Steven, rockstar

Steven Tyler jamming with an X-GEN and hugging TORR founder,  Allen Arseneau